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Meet The Builder

Let’s chat! Our first meeting is one of the most important meetings throughout the process. We will discuss the remodeling process in detail from start to finish. At this meeting we would like to establish both short and long term goals and what your expectations are and how we can put those goals and expectations into an actionable plan. Below are a few of the items we will be discussing:

  1. Home Remodel Site
  2. Style of remodeling you desire
  3. Amenities and construction details to be included in your remodeling project
  4. Timeline of construction
  5. Remodeling costs to establish a budget


Design & Build

Remodeling a home is an exciting journey where there a lot of decisions to be made! During this step you can select from our many floor plans, customize one that we have or you may choose to design your own home from the ground up. We will go through our floor plans to see what will suit your needs. We can design a completely new floor plan for you or modify one of your existing ones according to your specifications. We call this process a white canvas approach because after all, it is YOUR home, YOUR lifestyle we are creating. Once we have achieved your goals in this phase and a floor plan is established, a formal proposal will be supplied for you to sign off on.


Pre-Construction Meeting

This is where the fun starts! We will complete a detailed question and answer form. This will confirm most questions are answered prior to preparing a final set of plans. Our goal is to provide YOU with a detailed set of plans prior to submitting for permits to avoid any future changes or additional costs. Once the plans are signed off on the Spectrum Homes & Remodeling Team will assist you from permit submission to permit approval. Internally at Spectrum we assemble the team to go over the nitty-gritty of remodeling your home. Our team will put together all the technical information for the final construction documents and file for permits. Don’t worry! You get to do the fun stuff…picking out anything and everything for your newly remodeled space!


Remodeling Begins!

After the permits are approved and financing is completed the remodeling of your new home will begin! This is probably one of the most exciting times for YOU as all the hard work and pre-planning becomes a reality. During remodeling the Spectrum Remodeling team will support you from beginning to end. Our Builders Advantage technology will allow you to track the building process of your home remodel from your mobile device day-to-day.


Delivery of Your Newly Remodeled Space

Prior to your new remodeled space delivery Spectrum Homes & Remodeling Total Quality Assurance program will walk you through the remodeling process.  We also complete TQA walk through one week prior to the delivery of your remodeling project to prepare it for a smooth delivery.  Our customer centric model is built to better serve YOU our client through the entire remodeling process.

Construction Values

"The difference is in the details."

We can help make one of your most important decisions easy. Our Total Quality Assurance Program is a customer-centric approach focusing on you. You will be introduced to the options that now exist in today’s construction industry. “The difference is in the details”, from the type of subfloo- ring used when building your home, to the type of cabinets being installed, we are committed to delivering quality, value and consistency by utilizing the latest building practices and professional resources through every step of the process.