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Why choose Spectrum Remodeling?


With over 40 years of real estate experience serving the greater Lehigh Valley area, Spectrum Remodeling is committed to delivering quality, value and consistency through every step of the remodeling process.


Contracts and Plans
Working together to define your specifications and costs.


Customer Service Team
We come to you, making color/option choices easier.


Design team
Provides you the drawings, indicating the proposed changes.


Systematic approach
The same method as new construction.


The difference is in the details!
Exceeding your expectations.





Our exclusive Spectrum FIRST Program provides our clients a CASH BACK INCENTIVE* when using one of our Spectrum Group Services. For the clients who qualify, we offer our 3 options to take advantage of the program.


Real Living Spectrum Real Estate


Our past clients may take advantage of our Spectrum FIRST Program when Selling their home and transitioning into another home.


Spectrum Homes


When our clients purchase a “New” Spectrum Home and list and sell their current home with one our Real Living Spectrum Real Estate Agents.


Spectrum Remodeling


Past clients who have bought a home through Real Living Spectrum Real Estate or Spectrum Homes may receive a cash back incentive on the Remodeling of their home.





For our Real Living Spectrum Real Estate clients and Spectrum Homes clients

Spectrum FIRST Program offers a CASH BACK INCENTIVE of $3 per every $1,000 of the sale price of their existing home.


For our Spectrum Remodeling clients

Spectrum FIRST Program offers a 5% Discount on the overall cost of the remodeling project.



Why take ADVANTAGE of the Program?


Spectrum Group provides a full-service, one-stop shop experience to our customers whether it be our real estate, new construction or remodeling services. Our goal is “Making Real Estate Easy.” Through our Quality Assurance Programs and our 360° Service Program, Spectrum believes in providing quality and service to you every step of the way. Taking advantage of our Spectrum FIRST Program not only provides you a great incentive it also assures you a premier customer service experience.


*Program and incentives subject to change without notice.



Please give Spectrum Remodeling the opportunity to “Reshape Your Living Space.”

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