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When you consider the many ways that you could potentially add space around your house, there is no other method that comes close to matching adding a home addition. Do you have an older home that was changed over the years by other homeowners? When you add an addition, you’re creating a space that is uniquely yours. Because it is also the biggest of any remodeling projects – you are, after all, talking about changing the actual footprint of your property – the experts at Spectrum Remodeling can walk you through the project in terms of both financial and emotional value. When built properly, your home addition blends into and becomes part of the house itself. So whether you’re adding on a great room, guest bedroom, bathroom, family room or leisure space, the Spectrum Remodeling team will be up front with you about everything from the permits to the wiring, plumbing, heating, and all of the trappings that come with extending the layout of your home.



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